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RMA Leadership

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Administrator's Office

Martin Barbre, Administrator
e-mail Martin Barbre
TEL 202-690-2803 | FAX 202-690-2818

Michael Alston, Associate Administrator
e-mail Michael Alston
TEL 202-690-2533 | FAX 202-690-2818

Margo Erny, Chief Financial Officer
e-mail Margo Erny
TEL 202-720-4877 | FAX 202-720-8201

Keith Gray, Chief of Staff
e-mail Keith Gray
FAX 202-690-2818

R.J. Layher, Special Adviser to the Administrator
e-mail R.J. Layher
FAX 202-690-2818

Chad Sheridan, Chief Information Officer
e-mail Chad Sheridan
TEL 202-720-1451 | FAX 202-690-2818

Civil Rights
Dena Davis, Acting Director
e-mail Dena Davis
TEL 202-690-6068 | FAX 202-720-1585

External Affairs
John Shea, Director
e-mail John Shea
TEL 202-690-0437 | FAX 202-690-2818

Regulatory Liaison Officer
Robert Ibarra
e-mail Robert Ibarra
TEL 202-260-8286 | FAX 202-690-3604

Strategic Data Acquisition and Analysis
Kent Lanclos, Director
e-mail Kent Lanclos
TEL 202-205-3933 | FAX 202-720-1162

Jared Burnett, Deputy Director
e-mail Jared Burnett
TEL 214-767-7000 ext. 7710 | FAX 214-767-7724

Program Support
Tracy Ware, Director
e-mail Tracy Ware
TEL 202-260-0080 | FAX 202-720-1162

Insurance Services
Robert Ibarra, Deputy Administrator
e-mail Robert Ibarra
TEL 202-690-4494 | FAX 202-690-2095

Delores Dean, Associate Deputy Administrator
e-mail Delores Dean
TEL 202-690-4494 | FAX 202-690-2095


Heather Manzano, Deputy Administrator
e-mail Heather Manzano
TEL 202-720-9146 | FAX 202-690-3602

Gregory Green, Associate Deputy Administrator
e-mail Gregory Green
TEL 202-720-9146 | FAX 202-690-3602

Product Management (KC)

Richard Flournoy, Deputy Administrator
e-mail Richard Flournoy
TEL 816-926-7394 | FAX 816-926-1803

John Underwood, Associate Deputy Administrator
e-mail John Underwood
TEL 816-926-7394 | FAX 816-926-1803

  • Product Analysis and Accounting
    Jason Albright, Director
    e-mail Jason Albright
    TEL 816-926-6530 | FAX 816-926-1857
  • Product Administration and Standards
    Francie Tolle, Director
    e-mail Francie Tolle
    TEL 816-926-7387 | FAX 816-926-1841
  • Actuarial and Product Design
    Jason Albright, Acting Director
    e-mail Jason Albright

Regional Offices

  • Billings: Eric Bashore, Director
    Serving: MT, ND, SD, WY
  • Davis: Jeffrey Yasui, Director
    Serving: AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT
  • Jackson: Roddric Bell, Director
    Serving: AR, KY, LA, MS, TN
  • Oklahoma City: James Bellmon, Director
    Serving: NM, OK, TX
  • Raleigh: Alexander Sereno, Director
    Serving: CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV
  • Spokane: Ben Thiel, Director
    Serving: AK, ID, OR, WA
  • Springfield: Brian Frieden, Director
    Serving: IL, IN, MI, OH
  • St. Paul: Duane Voy, Director
    Serving: IA, MN, WI
  • Topeka: Rebecca Davis, Director
    Serving: CO, KS, MO, NE
  • Valdosta: Davina Lee, Director
    Serving: AL, FL, GA, PR, SC

Regional Compliance Offices

  • Central: Alvin Gilmore, Director
    Serving: CO, KS, MO, NE
  • Eastern: Jessica Dedrick, Director
    Serving: AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV
  • Midwest: Ronie Griffin, Director
    Serving: IL, IN, MI, OH
  • Northern: Scott Tincher, Director
    Serving: IA, MN, MT, ND, SD, WI, WY
  • Southern: Mariano Lerma, Director
    Serving: AR, KY, LA, MS, NM, OK, TN, TX
  • Western: Sandy Sanchez, Director
    Serving: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA