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RMA Compliance Offices

RMA Compliance Offices protect the integrity of the crop insurance program in the best interest of the insured and American taxpayer by: assuring compliance with contract/agreement and crop policy terms and approved procedures; assessing program vulnerability, fraud, and program abuse; investigating alleged/indicated instances or fraud and abuse; and recommending changes in policies, loss adjustment, and farm service-related procedures, specific agreements, and contract services.

Special Investigations Branch

The Special Investigations Branch (SIB) is a division of the Compliance Office. SIB investigates complex, high-profile cases of alleged fraud, waste, and abuse as it pertains to the Farm Bill and RMA programs. The SIB works in conjunction with the Office of Inspector General (OIG), RMA Compliance Offices and the Farm Service Agency when conducting its investigations.

Once a case of fraud is substantiated, SIB investigators work closely with the OIG in investigating the case and preparing the case for referral for criminal prosecution through the United States Attorney’s Office (AUSA). SIB investigators provide direct assistance to the OIG and the AUSA during these criminal investigations and prosecutorial proceedings. On occasion the SIB, makes referrals to State or local courts for prosecution. They also refer cases for Federal civil action to the United States Attorney’s Office through the OIG or the United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of General Counsel. SIB also refers cases to the RMA Administrator for disqualification, civil fine, suspension and debarment.

Contact Information

  • Mail to the attention of:
    Heather Manzano, Deputy Administrator
    STOP 0801, Room 6603-S
    1400 Independence Avenue SW
    Washington, DC, 20250-0801
  • Fax the Deputy Administrator at: 202-690-3602

Report Fraud - Follow the online instructions to report program fraud or abuse.

Program Integrity Handbook - Provides procedures and guidance to FSA state and county offices, RMA, and insurance providers.

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