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Approved 2012 Appendix III/M13 Handbook Index

The 2012 Approved Appendix III/M-13 Handbook was released on 01/21/2020. You can download the entire handbook, and/or view the record types and their associated exhibits individually from the table below. The handbook files are available in Adobe PDF file format.

NOTE: We are aware of some conversion problems and are working to get them resolved. If you have any problems with any of the records, please email Tim Staton.

Last UpdatedFile LinkDocument Description
10/07/2015ZIPFull handbook in compressed ZIP file format ( 13M )
10/07/2015PDFData Acceptance Narrative
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Operations Report Monthly - RCP001
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Operations Report Annual - RCP002
10/07/2015PDFInstallment Report INS001
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Installment Report INS002
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Adjustment Detail Report ADJ001
10/07/2015PDFDetail Accounting Report Excluding CAT ADR001
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Detail Accounting Report Excluding CAT ADR002
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Detail Accounting Report Grand Totals ADR003
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Detail Accounting Report ADR004
10/07/2015PDFPCR Memo Reject Listing PCR001
10/07/2015PDFInterest Calculation Examples
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Administrative Fee Report FEE001
10/07/2015PDFCat Coverage Fees Reinsured Company Detailed Report CFE001
10/07/2015PDFCat Coverage Fees Excluding Buy Up State Totals CFE002
10/07/2015PDFCat Fee Receivable Report CFE003
10/07/2015PDFAdditional Coverage Administrative Fee Summary Report ACA001
10/07/2015PDFReinsurance Run RO Recap
10/07/2015PDFREinsurance Run State Recap
10/07/2015PDFSummary Book of Business for Recon Reduction REC002
10/07/2015PDFAdministrative Reduction Report Late Reported Reduction LFS001
10/07/2015PDFAdministrative Reduction Report LFS002
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Worksheet PDW001
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Worksheet Example
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Worksheet Deferred Example
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Report PDR001
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Without Payments Worksheet PDW002
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Without Payments PDR002
10/07/2015PDFPremium Due Without Payments PDR002
10/07/2015PDFInstruction Guide for Funds Transfer
10/07/2015PDFEscrow Register Detail
10/07/2015PDFEscrow Register Summary
10/07/2015PDFLivestock Operation Report LRCP001
10/07/2015PDFFCIC Livestock Detail Report LADR001
10/07/2015PDFLivestock Settlement Report LIV001
10/07/2015PDFState Livestock Reimbursetment Report LINS002
10/07/2015PDF2012 Administrative Fee Schedule
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Request - C05
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Status Code Returned Exhibit - C05_1
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Status Codes
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Name Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Address Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Phone Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Email Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Program Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Summary Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Detail Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Output Format - Sharing Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS FSA Intended Use Codes
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference Discovery FSA Detail Output
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference Discovery RMA Detail Output
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference Discovery Summary Detail Output
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Business/Entity FSA Detail Output
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Business/Entity Difference Summary Output
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Reported FSA, Not RMA Detail FSA Export Layout
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Reported FSA, Not RMA Detail RMA Export Layout
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Reported FSA, Not RMA Summary Export Layout
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference by CLU Summary Output Record
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference by CLU FSA Detail Output REcord
10/07/2015PDFCIMS Acreage Difference by CLU RMA Detail Output Record
10/07/2015PDF Ineligible Producer Input Record - Type 60 - Format/Edits
10/07/2015PDF Ineligible Producer Error Record - Type 60e
10/07/2015PDF Ineligible Tracking System error codes - Type 60e
10/07/2015PDF Ineligibility Transaction Flag Values - Type 60
10/07/2015PDF Ineligible Producer Output Record - Type 61 - Format/Edits
10/07/2015PDF Ineligibility Status Flag Values - Type 61
10/07/2015PDF CAT Fee Receivable Record - Type 65 - Format/Edits
10/07/2015PDF Policyholder Tracking Experience Inquiry - Type 81 - Output Format
10/07/2015PDFWeekly Transaction Cutoff Dates - Exhibit 100_1
10/07/2015PDFFund Cutoff and LRR Dates - Exhibit 101_1
10/07/2015PDFAcronyms - Exhibit 102_1
10/07/2015PDFAdjuster Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 111
10/07/2015PDFAgent Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 112
10/07/2015PDFEmployee Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 113
10/07/2015PDFReviewer Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 116
10/07/2015PDFConflict of Interest - Exhibit 118
10/07/2015PDFLivestock Crop Policy Requirement for eDAS - Exhibit 119
10/07/2015PDFEntity Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 121
10/07/2015PDFEntity/SBI ID Type Table for eDAS - Exhibit 121-1
10/07/2015PDFPolicy Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 122
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-L Crop Policy Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 123
10/07/2015PDFAGR-L Coverage Level Eligibility - Exhibit 123-1
10/07/2015PDFPayment Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 124
10/07/2015PDFSubstantial Business Interest Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 126
10/07/2015PDFLivestock Fund Requirements - Exhibit 130
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-L Fund Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 131
10/07/2015PDFLRP Premium - Exhibit 135
10/07/2015PDFLRP Premium Calculations - Exhibit 135-1
10/07/2015PDFLRP Indemnity - Exhibit 135-2
10/07/2015PDFLRP Indemnity Calculations - Exhibit 135-3
10/07/2015PDFLGM Premium - Exhibit 140
10/07/2015PDFLGM Premium Calculations - Exhibit 140-1
10/07/2015PDFLGM Indemnity - Exhibit 140-2
10/07/2015PDFLGM Indemnity Calculations - Exhibit 140-3
10/07/2015PDFDisbursement - Exhibit 150
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-L Farm Report/Premium Requirements for eDAS - Exhibit 151
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-L Liability/Premium Calculations - Exhibit 151-1
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-L Indemnity - Exhibit 151-2
10/07/2015PDFAGR & AGR-Lite Indemnity Calculation - Exhibit 151-3
10/07/2015PDFFund Designation - P09
10/07/2015PDFFund Designation Exhibit - P09_1
10/07/2015PDFPolicy Producer - P10
10/07/2015PDFPolicy Producer Address - P10A
10/07/2015PDFPolicy Producer Other Person - P10B
10/07/2015PDFEntity ID Type Table Exhibit - P10_1
10/07/2015PDFAcreage - P11
10/07/2015PDFNon-Premium Acreage Reporting Requirements Exhibit - P11_1
10/07/2015PDFPlan 01, 02 and 03 Premium Calculation - P11_1
10/07/2015PDFCommodity Processing Flow Diagram Exhibit - P11_2
10/07/2015PDFPlan 04, 05, 06, 13 and 14 Premium Calculation - P11_2
10/07/2015PDFPlan 40 Premium Calculation - P11_3
10/07/2015PDFPlan 41 Premium Calculation - P11_4
10/07/2015PDFPlan 47 Premium Calculation - P11_5
10/07/2015PDFPrevented Planting Guarantee Adjustment Factor Exhibit - P11_5
10/07/2015PDFAcreage Report Acceptance Dates Exhibit - P11_6
10/07/2015PDFPlan 50 Premium Calculation - P11_6
10/07/2015PDFPlan 51 Premium Calculation - P11_7
10/07/2015PDFSeed Cycle Code Exhibit - P11_7
10/07/2015PDFPlan 55 Premium Calculation - P11_8
10/07/2015PDFPrice Election Amt Rounding - P11_8
10/07/2015PDFPlan 90 Premium Calculation - P11_9
10/07/2015PDFPeanut Processing Fields - P11_10
10/07/2015PDFPayment - P12
10/07/2015PDFInventory Value - P13
10/07/2015PDFPlan 43 Premium Calculation - P13_1
10/07/2015PDFNursery Insurable Plant Types Exhibit - P13_2
10/07/2015PDFPlan 50 Premium Calculation - P13_2
10/07/2015PDFNonPremium Inventory Reporting Requirements Exhibit - P13_3
10/07/2015PDFInsurance In Force - P14
10/07/2015PDFCommodities Allowing Multiple Insurance In Force P14 Records Exhibit - P14_1
10/07/2015PDFEdits For Duplicate Policy - P14_2
10/07/2015PDFEdits For Common Option Requirements - P14_3
10/07/2015PDFCommodity NOT Allowing CAT Coverage Exhibit - P14_5
10/07/2015PDFYield - P15
10/07/2015PDFYield Type Master P15_1 Exhibit
10/07/2015PDFYield Type by Crops P15_2 Exhibit
10/07/2015PDFYield Option Code List P15_3 Exhibit
10/07/2015PDFYield Limitation Code P15_4 Exhibit
10/07/2015PDFYield Indicator Code P15_5 Exhibit
10/07/2015PDFYield History - P15A
10/07/2015PDFLoss Total Record - P20
10/07/2015PDFDisbursement - P20A
10/07/2015PDFAcreage Claim - P21
10/07/2015PDFPlan 01 Indemnity Calculation - P21_1
10/07/2015PDFPlan 02 and 03 Indemnity Calculation - P21_2
10/07/2015PDFPlan 04, 05, 06, 13 and 14 Indemnity Calculation - P21_3
10/07/2015PDFPlan 40 Indemnity Calculation - P21_4
10/07/2015PDFPlan 41 Indemnity Calculation - P21_5
10/07/2015PDFPlan 47 Indemnity Calculation - P21_6
10/07/2015PDFPlan 50 and 51 Indemnity Calculation - P21_7
10/07/2015PDFPlan 55 Indemnity Calculation - P21_8
10/07/2015PDFPlan 90 Indemnity Calculation - P21_9
10/07/2015PDFPeanut Processing Fields - P21_10
10/07/2015PDFInventory Value Claim - P22
10/07/2015PDFPlan 43 Indemnity Calculation - P22_1
10/07/2015PDFPlan 50 Indemnity Calculation - P22_2
10/07/2015PDFLand - P27
10/07/2015PDFLand Other Person Sharing - P27A
10/07/2015PDFRecord Type Delete - P48
10/07/2015PDFPolicy Delete - P49
10/07/2015PDFConflict of Interest - P51
10/07/2015PDFEmployee - P54
10/07/2015PDFInsurance Agent - P55
10/07/2015PDFInsurance Agent Agency - P55A
10/07/2015PDFInsurance Agent Servicing State - P55B
10/07/2015PDFAdjuster - P56
10/07/2015PDFQuality Control Reporting - P57
10/07/2015PDFNotice of Loss - P58
10/07/2015PDFBook of Business - P70
10/07/2015PDFBatch Summary Statistics - P90
10/07/2015PDFBatch Summary Record Counts - P90A
10/07/2015PDFBatch Summary Rule Counts - P90B
10/07/2015PDFDuplicate Policy - P91
10/07/2015PDFData Flow Diagram - P97
10/07/2015PDFUnknown Malformed Batch - P98Z
10/07/2015PDFException - P99Z
10/07/2015PDFCommodity Type Exhibit - P99A
10/07/2015PDFList of PASS Record Types - P99B
10/07/2015PDFAbbreviations Exhibit - P99D
10/07/2015PDFFIPS State Code Exhibit - P99E
10/07/2015PDFInsurance Plan Code List Exhibit - P99F_1
10/07/2015PDFInsurance Plan Code Conversion Exhibit - P99F_2
10/07/2015PDFICE File Crosswalk

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Last Modified: 10/07/2015
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