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Frequently Asked Questions

Ineligible Tracking System

Jan 19, 2010

Q: What is the Ineligible Tracking System?
A: The Ineligible Tracking System (ITS) is a database that contains records of producers who are not eligible to participate in any crop insurance programs insured or reinsured by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC). When a producer applies for crop insurance, the insurance company automatically checks the ITS for the producer's eligibility. If it is determined that the producer is ineligible, the producer will be notified and crop insurance coverage will not attach.

Q: Am I on the ITS list?
A: A producer is placed on the ITS list if they have a delinquent debt with the FCIC or an approved insurance provider. This situation generally arises from unpaid crop insurance premiums or administration fees. A producer may also be placed on the ITS list if they have been convicted of violating the controlled substance provisions of the Food Security Act of 1985, as amended. A person may also be placed on ITS if they are disqualified, suspended, or debarred under the Act and applicable regulations.

Q: How do I get off the ITS list?
A: If a producer is on the ITS list for a delinquent debt, the producer will remain on the list until the debt is paid in full, bankruptcy is filed or the debt is discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding, or a scheduled installment payment agreement is approved. If a producer is on the ITS list for a controlled substance violation, they will remain on the list for a pre-set period of time -- usually, the crop year of conviction and four subsequent crop years. If a person is placed on ITS due to disqualification, debarment, or suspension, the person will remain on the list from date the order is signed until the period specified in the order has expired.

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