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Hurricane Irma Resources

The federal crop insurance program is designed to provide robust and reliable farm safety net, regardless the size and scope of weather disasters. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) works closely with the Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) who sell and service the policies that producers purchase, and this commitment to customer service provides efficient loss adjustment and claims payments, even in times of major disasters like Irma.

Resources for Producers

  • Producers with coverage through the RMA administered federal crop insurance program should contact their crop insurance agent for issues regarding filing claims. Those who purchased crop insurance will be paid for covered losses. Producers should report crop damage within 72 hours of damage discovery and follow up in writing within 15 days. The Approved Insurance Providers, loss adjusters and agents are experienced and well trained in handling these types of events.
  • As part of its commitment to delivering excellent customer service, RMA is working closely with AIPs that sell and service crop insurance policies to ensure enough loss adjusters will be available to process claims in the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Resources for Agents and Approved Insurance Providers

  • Loss Adjustment Standards Handbook identifies loss adjustment standards and requirements for determining production or revenue and adjusting crop insurance claims in a uniform and timely manner.
  • RMA issued Emergency Loss Procedures (Sep 22, 2017) for Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina following Hurricane Irma in order to streamline determinations on specific crops and to accelerate the adjustment of losses and issuance of indemnity payments to crop insurance policyholders in impacted areas. Specifically, the procedures permitted AIPs to consider individual circumstances in accepting delayed notices of loss in accordance with the Loss Adjustment Manual (LAM) Standards Handbook (FCIC-25010) in lieu of requirements to report damage within 72 hours; and to use reported acres certified on the acreage report as determined acres for claim purposes. They also provided guidance for general loss adjustment in the impacted areas as well as specific guidance for Florida citrus fruit, Florida fruit tree, and nursery policies; and allowed the AIPs the ability to provide additional time for policyholders impacted by Hurricane Irma to make payment of premium and administrative fees. Spanish version.

USDA Resources

USDA is prepared to provide food, emergency housing, community, as well as farmer and rancher assistance to individuals and small businesses affected by severe storms and flooding. We continue to work with states affected by severe storms and flooding regarding requests for various assistance, waivers and flexibilities in administering federal nutrition assistance programs. More information: