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"And Justice For All" Poster

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The "And Justice For All" Civil Rights poster (AD 475A; Dec 2015) is to be prominently displayed in all offices where there is an RMA presence. The poster should be placed where it may be viewed by employees and customers.

Recipients of Federally-assisted programs such as Approved Insurance Providers and their agents, and Partnership Agreement Holders such as state land-grant university partners are required to display this poster in their facilities where it can be viewed by customers.

This required poster should be displayed in the specific size of 11" width x 17" height. This size requirement relates to a problem where the poster's text becomes small and almost unreadable when printed in a typical printer's print size of 8.5" x 11". Few organizations have printers capable of printing the required 11" x 17" poster size. The copy shared here is for the purpose of reference rather than printing and display.

Non-Discrimination Statement

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For more information, contact Iris Snowden.